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Who wants that old dryer sitting around when it could be out of there? At Junk Giant, we understand that removing your unwanted appliances can be a hassle. We’re here to simplify your life with our timely and efficient appliance removal services!

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Junk Giant Can Get Rid of Your Appliance

Large, bulky, and heavy appliances can be quite a headache. Do you have an old refrigerator in the back room, or a busted dishwasher that you need to get rid of? Junk Giant understands how hard it can be to get rid of these appliances on your own. That’s why we’re proud of offer our appliance removal services. Whether you need us to remove one appliance or multiple appliances, no job is too big for Junk Giant!

Fast Turnaround

We know you’re ready to get rid of your broken appliance today. Not next week, not tomorrow—today!

When you give us a call or visit our Contact Us page, you can schedule a visit with us as soon as you like! We frequently have same and next-day availability, and we are excited for the opportunity to pick up your old appliances in no-time.

The Cost of Appliance Removal

Junk Giant wants to make sure that you feel taken care of. Because of this, we are happy to offer our appliance removal services at affordable prices. Of course, the price of removing each different appliance will vary based on different factors.

Pricing You Can Count On

When you call us at 770-799-8386, we will begin by providing you with an estimate so you can have an idea of what the job will cost. Once we arrive at your home, we will follow up our estimate with a no-obligations, up-front quote, and that’s what you’ll pay! This way, you can avoid unexpected costs and hidden fees!

Schedule Your Appliance Removal Today

We can’t get wait to started on your appliance removal appointment. You can save yourself plenty of time and money by getting in touch with the professionals at Junk Giant.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to that old washing machine, don’t hesitate to call us!

How Can You Get Started on Appliance Removal?

  • The best way to get in touch with Junk Giant is by calling us at 770-799-8386.
  • During our first conversation, we will give you a no-obligations estimate, followed by negotiating a 2-hour arrival window for when you want the job done.
  • When we’re on our way in our truck, we will be sure to give you a courtesy call so you can know when to expect us.
  • After taking a look at your appliance, we will give you our firm quote, and that’s how much you will pay.
  • Finally, we will leave with your old appliance!

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To Save $20