Junk Removal in Suwanee

Are you getting swamped with junk in Suwanee? You don’t have to put up with the mess! Call Junk Giant today to make a same or next-day appointment! We take it all, from loose junk to construction debris, appliances, and everything in between.

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Junk Removal Experiences in Suwanee

No matter your needs, Junk Giant can help you! For examples of how helpful we are, feel free to explore our junk removal stories below.

Lee’s Loose Lumber

Lee, a construction professional operating in Suwanee and other parts of Gwinnett county, often has a lot of loose lumber leftover when he’s done with a job. At first, Lee didn’t know what to do with all that lumber, and spent a lot of time tediously loading his pickup truck over several trips. Finally, Lee had had enough. He had heard about Junk Giant before, but didn’t know what to think about us yet. By the time we were done with our first construction debris job, Lee couldn’t wait to hire us for more!

Kate’s Old Cans

Kate, a Suwanee resident, collects a lot of cans on a weekly basis. Her family drinks plenty of sparkling waters and sodas, resulting in quite a buildup! Usually, Kate will recycle these cans at the road, but her recycling company hasn’t come for several weeks, leaving Kate with container upon container filled with cans! Luckily for her, Junk Giant was able to come to her house, taking her cans away in no-time! We brought the cans to a local recycling center, protecting the environment.

John’s Run-Down Shed

John is a retired Marine veteran who lives in the Suwanee area. When he was younger, John and his son worked together to build a shed in his back yard where he kept all his tools and yard equipment. However, the shed has become a bit run-down over the years, and it’s time for John to move on and get a new one. Since John is a little older these days, he’d rather trust the professionals to get the shed demolition done right. With a quick phone call, John was able to have Junk Giant at his door the next day. We gave him a no-nonsense quote and had that shed demolished before he could blink.

The Neighborhood Professionals at Junk Giant

Since we were founded in Buford, we are committed to serving the Gwinnett County area, which includes Suwanee! We try to recycle, donate, and reuse as much as we can, because we care about keeping our home clean and eco-friendly. To find out more about our service areas, simply give us a call or visit our Contact Us page.

We Promise to Conduct Business Honestly

You’ve already got enough on your hands. That old pile of junk is enough of a hassle as it is, so why complicate things by doing business with companies that are only trying to take advantage of you? When you call Junk Giant, you will know right away that you are working with honest, trustworthy professionals.

How Does Our Junk Removal Work?

To get started with us, all you have to do is call us at 770-799-8386 or use our online booking tool.

  • The first thing we’ll do is give you a rough estimate for the job.
  • Next, we’ll settle on a 2-hour arrival window. When we’re on our way, we will send you a courtesy call so you can be prepared for us.
  • After taking a look at your junk we will give you a no-obligations quote, and that’s what you’ll pay!
Let’s Get Started!

Are you ready for your junk removal in Suwanee? Why wait? Call us today! During our initial phone call, we will do our best to provide you with a same or next-day appointment so you don’t have to keep waiting around.

Whether you need us to remove piles of junk or need our demolition services, Junk Giant is big enough for the job.

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To Save $20

Book Online Now

To Save $20

About Junk Removal in Suwanee with Junk Giant

  • Schedule your junk removal appointment by calling Junk Giant at 470-206-3425.
  • First things first: We will provide you with an informative estimate, and will also work out a 2-hour arrival window.
  • When we’re on our way, we will send you a courtesy call so you can be ready.
  • After taking a look at what you need removed or demolished, we will offer a no-obligations quote.
  • We will only begin working once you approve the price, so you don’t have to worry about hidden costs and fees!
  • After we’re done, you’ll be glad you got in touch with Junk Giant.