household Recycling and donation

Recycle and Donate!


Appliance Recycling

Junk Giant ensures that your appliances make their way back into production by recycling as much metal as possible.  The cost to dig up these metals from the earth is not cheap.  By recycling as much metal as possible it is saving the earths resources so they can be used over and over again.  

Electronics Recycling

Many electronics contain precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and gallium.  These metals are especially more difficult and costly to source and collect out of the earth.  Junk Giant likes to recycle electronic devices so that these precious metals don't get buried beneath a heap of junk at a landfill. 

Furniture Recycling

There are many pieces of furniture that have lived their intended lifespan.  On the other hand there are pieces of furniture that can be recycled.  It seems like re-purposed furniture is becoming very popular in today's growing "green" culture.  There seems to be a movement towards saving earths resources.  This extra effort will add up over time and be much better for the environment. Less trees will need to be cut down  which can help preserve habitats for many different animals. 

Donation Pick-Up Services

With so much waste produced in the world today it is no surprise that donating your items to be re-used will have a great impact in many different ways. Lets help the people who could benefit from donated furniture.  We think of this as "paying it forward".  Join Junk Giant and help make the world a better place for everyone.