Air Conditioner Removal

We can remove air conditioning units as long as an HVAC tech has properly reclaimed the refrigerant and everything is disconnected from the property. 

Apartment Clean-out

If you are simply moving and need to get rid of some old furniture, or appliances we have you covered. Property investors are welcome to contact us for cleaning out properties as well. 

Appliance Removal

Refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, washer & dryers, deep freezers, microwaves, you name it. We handle the Freon removal, too. No need to call a tech out to reclaim it. We handle it. 

Attic Clean-out

If you're storing a lot of old memories that you just want to part ways with then give us a call. We will quickly and efficiently remove anything left over in your attic. 

Basement Clean-out

Basements need re-organized from time to time. Let us help sift through everything that you want to get rid of and help you re-organize. 

Basketball Goal Removal

Weather you have a free-standing unit, or one that might be cemented into the ground we can handle it. 

Bedroom Set Removal

We can  remove entire bedroom sets including mattress, box spring, headboard, foot-board, dresser, mirror, armoire, bunk bed, etc. 

Barrow County Junk Removal

We service Winder, Statham, Bethlehem, Carl, and Russel, Georgia. 

Box Spring Removal

We can carry away any size box spring. Twin size, full size, queen size etc. 

Branch Removal

If you've just finished up some yard work and cut down some branches, just call us to haul them away. 

Brick Removal

We can handle your brick removal if you have a smaller pile of bricks laying around that you need to dispose of. Larger b

Cabinet Removal

We like to cater to cabinetmakers and contractors who renovate and remodel. If this sounds like you then contact us. We would love to become your vendor. 

Carpenter Debris Removal

If you're a carpenter by trade and need post-job clean-up services then call us to help you clean up after the job. You've already worked hard building. Let us handle cleaning up the scraps. 

Carpet Removal

We can remove the carpet weather it's still attached to the floor, or it's just in a pile somewhere. We can also remove and dispose of the underlayment padding. 

Cleaning Services

Oftentimes there may be an additional mess to clean up surrounding a pile of junk. If the extra muck needs swept up and cleaned just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.  If you have a job for us that may include cleaning bits of debris it's no problem. Just let us know what needs to happen.  

Cobb County Junk Removal

We service Marietta, Kennesaw, Smyrna, Powder Springs, Mableton, Vinings and Fair Oaks, Georgia. 

Commercial Junk Removal

Oftentimes commercial properties have junk left behind from old tenants, or junk that has been left out by the property's dumpster. If you routinely need excess trash, or junk removed from the dumpster area, just give us a call. 

Construction Debris Removal

We like to handle any light construction debris cleanup jobs including drywall, flooring, paint cans, timber, lumber, wood scraps, trash bags, contractor bags, decks, fences, and more. 

Couch Removal

We can remove sectionals, love-seats, recliners, movie theater seating, sleeper sofas and that old futon you'v had since college.  

Deck Removal

If you have an entire deck that needs demolished and disposed of then look no further. Deck removal is no easy task, but we come prepared. 

Deep Cleaning

Distressed properties need deep cleaned on many different levels. If you've invested in a property like this and you want to have it cleaned out just call us to handle it. 

Dekalb County Junk Removal

We service Decatur, Stone Mountain, Lithonia, Dunwoody, Tucker, Brookhaven, Chamblee, Clarkston, Doraville, Druid Hills, Avondale Estates, Belvedere Park, North Druid Hills, Candler-McAffee, North Decatur, Scottdale, Redan, Pine Lake, Gresham Park, Panthersville, Georgia. 

Dekalb County Junk Removal

Dishwashers break down from time to time. If it's time for you to get a new dishwasher then we can dispose of the old one for you. We can also dispose of other appliances such as a fridge, stove, microwave, washer & dryer, and freezers. 

Dirt Removal

Do you have one of those old igloo dog houses, or one of those large multi-section dog houses? Let us demolish and remove it. We can also remove chicken coops. 

Dryer & Washer Removal

These appliances can oftentimes be taken to metal recycling and reused. The copper wire inside of these units is a valuable resource that should be properly handled for future use. Let us take care of it for you. Earth's resources are precious. 

Drywall Removal

Are you a contractor with a pile of drywall you need to get rid of? Call us at any stage during the job and have us routinely clean up for you. A clean working environment is less stressful and brings a little bit of relief. We think it's well worth it. 

Dumpster Rental

Does your particular job require a dumpster, or would a junk removal service make more sense. If you already have an entire labor crew ready to load the dumpster for a project that could take weeks on end, then go ahead and rent a dumpster. If not, then call us. We're the labor crew and we bring our trailer that acts as a "dumpster". Same Day cleanup. No waiting for dumpster delivery that can take days, or weeks. No waiting for dumpster pickup. No surprise tipping fees. No HOA fines for having a dumpster. Call us instead. 

Electronics Removal

We can remove computers, appliances, TV, projectors, laptops, cell phones, radios, speakers, head units, receivers, amplifiers, copper wire, motherboards, computer chips and almost anything electronic. These items oftentimes have precious metals inside of them that took a lot of time and effort to extract from the ground. We properly recycle and dispose of these types of items. 

Estate Sale Clean-out

Estate sales offer great items for sale. Oftentimes great items are leftover from estate sales. These items don't necessarily deserve to go to the landfill. If this sounds like your situation then please let us come remove them and place them in a donation center, or give them a new happy home where they belong. 

Evictions and Trash-Out

Do you have a tenant that left the property in shambles? Sometimes this is the reality for some landlords. If you have a lot of junk leftover from your last rental property then we would be more than happy to help clean up. 

Fence Removal

Are you a fencing contractor who just wants to reduce the back-breaking labor it requires to demolish and rebuild fences? Let us make your job easier and less demanding. Our crew can be an asset to your team. 

Fitness Equipment Removal

Old Nautilus workout machines stand no match against our junk removal service. We can dismantle it and carry it out piece by piece. We can also remove barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells, squat racks, tractor tires and all other unwanted and outdated gym equipment. 

Flooring Removal

If you are a flooring contractor or homeowner who needs a new floor and wants to dispose of the old floor just give us a call weather it's in a pile, or still attached to the ground.  Wood flooring, tile flooring, laminate flooring, you name it. We can haul away the scraps. 

Forsyth County Junk Removal

We service Cumming, Georgia.  

Fulton County Junk Removal

We service Alpharetta, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, East Point, Fairburn, Union City, Milton, South Fulton, and Hapeville, Georgia. 

Furnace Removal

In order for us to remove your furnace it needs to be detached from any electrical outlets, or gas lines by a professional HVAC tech prior to us hauling it away. 

Garage and Basement Clean-out

No job is too big or too small. Garages and basements are perfect places to store items until they're no longer needed. We can help remove unwanted items and also help reorganize. 

Garage Sale Cleanup

Did you sell everything at the garage sale, or do you still have some unwanted items leftover? Think about using some of the earnings from your garage sale to dispose of items that didn't sell. That's a win-win situation. 

Garbage Removal

Garbage comes in many forms. Most often garbage is described as food waste, or rubbish that just decays over time. If your weekly garbage pickup service hasn't come to haul away the trash for a few weeks and it's starting to bother you then just call us to remove it. 

Garbage Truck

Junk Giant, LLC is not your typical garbage truck, however, when your weekly trash service does not show up for weeks on end you might be wondering what to do. Just call us. We'll handle it. 

Grill Removal

We can remove grills of almost any size. That old grill of yours has seen better days and now it's ready to move on and serve a new purpose. We dispose of grills by way of recycling. It takes a lot of time, energy, and resources to pull metal out of the earth. We like to soften the blow by recycling as much as we can. 

Gwinnett Junk Removal

We service Lawrenceville, Duluth, Norcross, Snellville, Suwanee, Lilburn, Dacula, Grayson, Sugar Hill, Centerville, Peachtree Corners, Berkeley Lake, and Mountain Park, Georgia.

Hall County Junk Removal

We service Gainesville, Braselton, Lula, Flowery Branch, Oakwood, and Clermont, Georgia

Handyman Junk Removal

If you are a handyman contractor and need our removal services for larger projects then we would love to hear from you. We like to make contractors jobs a little easier whenever we get the chance. Ceiling fans, fixtures, Garage door components are included. 

Hot Tub Removal

When I say we love removing hot tubs, that is an understatement. We know how to demolish and dispose of all hot tub components including the motors which are filled with copper wire. The only thing we ask is that the hot tubs are disconnected from all power sources prior to our arrival. You can even leaved them filled with water. We will handle it. 

Household Junk removal

Household junk includes things like couches, furniture, appliances, bicycles, old cans of paint, tires, wood, 

Jackson County Junk Removal

We service Jefferson, Hoschton, Commerce, Pendergrass, Talmo, Nicholson, and Arcade, Georgia. 

Junk Truck

 Our junk trucks are large and in charge. Weather you need 6 cubic yars, 10 cubic yards, 12 cubic yards, 15 cubic yards, 20 cubic yards, 25 cubic yards, 30 cubic yards, 40 cubic yards or more then we can handle it. We have two large enclosed trailers with capacities between 23 and 26 cubic yards of space. We can fill them up and dump them as many times as needed.  

Landscape Debris Removal

If you are a homeowner or landscaping contractor who owns a lawn service please give us a call. We can haul branches, leaves, small logs, and most anything else involved in landscape debris.

Lawn Mower Removal & Recycling

We can remove riding mowers, push mowers, bush hogs, tractors, and most anything used to in property and lawn maintenance. 

Love-seat Removal

Some love-seats come equipped with a pull-out bed. These sleeper sofas can be very heavy and hard to maneuver. We can remove them safely and efficiently. If the sleeper sofa is too heavy can dismantle it for easy carrying. 

Mattress Removal

We can remove all sizes of mattress. Twin mattress, full size mattress, queen size mattress, king and California king size mattresses. 

Office Clean-out

If you've been saving all of your work documents in storage boxes and it's time to throw them out then let us handle it. We can also help you with some reorganization once we remove everything that needs to be dumped. We clean out supply closets, too. 

Old Shed Removal

If your shed has been collecting random items since the dawn of time then it's probably time that you clean it out and get rid of some excess. Shed removal may require some light demolition work and we can handle it. 

Oven Removal

Ovens are powered by gas or electric heating sources. Gas powered ovens may require a specialized technician to first disconnect the oven from the gas line. Sometimes there is a shutoff valve right behind the gas oven. If this is the case then we should be able to simply turn it off prior to removing it. 

Paint Can and Tire Removal

Many homes have spare tires and old cans of paint laying around in the crawl space, shed, or garage. We do not charge extra for these items in most circumstances. Most landfills will charge an additional disposal fee per tire, or gallon of paint ($1 to $5 each). Junk Giant, LLC does not charge extra for these items because they are separated and disposed of away from the landfills. 

Pool Removal

If you have an above ground pool that needs to be drained, dismantled, and disposed of then look no further. We love removing above ground pools. 

Property Preservation

 Property preservation is a process that involves caring for the inside and outside of foreclosed properties typically owned by banks and asset management companies. We work with property preservation companies to help them clear our any unwanted trash, garbage, junk, rubbish, or leftovers. 

Realtors and Foreclosures

We routinely work with real estate professionals involved with distressed properties, foreclosures, evictions, property management, house flipping, buying, selling, wholesaling, retailing and more. Junk Giant, LLC is always searching for new professionals to work with and we would welcome you to contact us. 


 Scrap metal recycling involves the collection and recovery of all types of metal so that they can be reused during the manufacturing of brand new goods. Metals can be shredded and melted back together with little, or no degradation of its properties. 

Refrigerator Removal

Refrigerators come in a few shapes and sizes. Most people assume that their fridge cannot be disposed of without removing the Freon. Some recycling facilities won't even take refrigerators if the refrigerant hasn't been removed. Don't worry because we help ensure the Freon is properly reclaimed by a licensed tech. 


If you are a remodeling contractor and are tired of doing the dumpster dance then we can help you! Not all projects are able to accept a dumpster on site and you still need to remove of the leftover junk. If this is the case we will be happy to help you periodically clean up the job site as many times as needed until completion. 

Renovation and Restoration

Are you renovating or restoring an entire house after water damage, or lightning damage? This is a large project and we want to help you clean up the job site every step of the way. If you just need some extra hands and a way to dispose of the rubbish then please give us a call. We would love to help. 

Safe Removal

Some safes are build very large and heavy. Some companies specialize in safe removal when the safe exceeds 500 lbs. If you have a safe that you want to get rid of then please let us know. We would love to help you remove it.

Storage Unit Clean-out

Oftentimes storage units are a place to store items that you are not ready to let go of. Sometimes getting rid of items you've become attached to can become an emotional experience. If you are ready to part with your items we understand that it may not be what you want to do, but is a necessity to stop paying the monthly storage fees. 

Swing-set & Play-set Removal

Swing-sets come in all shapes and sizes. Some may require demolition. If your Play-set needs to be dismantled and hauled to the dump then we can handle it. If it's old and fragile then you want to get it removed sooner than later. 

Tile Removal

If you've just remodeled, re renovated a kitchen, or bathroom and you need the tile hauled away then we would like to help you. Tile can become a mess when it's broken up into tiny pieces to make room for the new material. 

Trash Pickup

If you have any trash that keeps piling up and you're tired of looking at it then call us to dispose of it. We will come and pick up the trash and get if out of your sight. Sometimes the county trash service does not always make it on their scheduled pickup days. If this sounds like you then call us to pick up the trash. 

Tread Mill Removal

Treadmills, ellipticals, and stair climbing machines have served their purpose and now they're looking for a new life. These items can be recycled in most cases due to the metal components they are made from. We can handle removing and recycling these items for you. 

Tree House Removal

Tree houses are great fun for children and even adults. If the treehouse has seen better days and become old and fragile please call us to come remove it from your property. 

TV Recycling

It always amazes us how far technology has come in the way of televisions. We have seen them all. We can dispose of and recycle televisions of all shapes and sizes. 

Wood Removal

We can dispose of all types of wood. Particle board, timber, lumber, plywood, and tree branches just to name a few.