Junk Removal & Electronics recycling

We recycle TV's, Monitors, Stereos, Computers and More!


Residential Junk Removal & Electronics Recycling

We Responsibly Recycle your electronics!

Have electronic items that you need to get rid of? We are experienced at removing that big old television in your basement.  We will responsibly sort and dispose of your electronics so that All reusable pieces from your old electronics can be removed and recycled into other industries, so rest with ease knowing your personal data is safely destroyed. Junk Giant, we takes the effort out of recycling your old electronics, whether you’re looking to recycle a single electronic device or multiple electronic devices, we are here for you.

We recycle:





and much more!

Call us now to schedule a no-obligation free on-site estimate. We will send our experienced crew over to remove your old and heavy items with ease. We will handle the lifting and loading.  All you have to do is point.

If you can get your old electronics to your curbside we offer discounted rates for items that are ready for pickup. We will simply pull up to your curb and load the items. If its as easy as simply pulling up to the curb we can offer you up to 20% off the final price!

If you need to have your old electronics recycled in Atlanta, our crew is here to make the process as quick and easy as possible.  Call 770-799-8386 to schedule and appointment or book online in a few simple clicks..